clean the exterior of a car

How to Clean the Exterior of A Car?

Keeping your neat and clean is a must-do task. Seeing your car neat and clean is a miraculously, satisfying experience. Especially if we talk about your car’s exterior, it requires regular cleaning because of the accumulation of dust particles and other contaminants on the surface. Cleaning the exterior of your car gives a shiny and glowing look to it. You might be wondering what the best way to clean the exterior of your car is?

Worry no more. Here we have outlined the complete procedure to clean the exterior of your car. So, let’s get started in exploring the cleaning process.

Stuff Required

Here is a complete list of stuff required to clean the exterior of your car.

  • A bucket filled with warm water
  • A sponge
  • Microfiber cloths
  • An absorbent towel
  • Wheel brush
  • Car cleaning products such as shampoos or wax
  • A pressure washer
  • Polish or other detailing products

How to Clean the Exterior of Your Car?

Here is the complete process of cleaning the exterior of your car.

1. Wash the Wheels

Starts the cleaning process with the wheels because these are the dirtiest part of our car. Car wheels are closest to the road due to which iron oxide dust that comes from the brakes pads of your and other cars starts building upon each wheel. Resultantly, the shiny alloys start appearing to be dull.

This iron oxide dust can be difficult to remove. So, the best solution is to use a wheel cleaner, which will make the task easier for you. Spray the chemical on each wheel and let the foam do its work. Once you spray the wheel cleaner, you will see that it changes its color, and once the dirt has been broken down, you will have to wash and rinse.

2. Get Rid of the Dirt

Secondly, remove the dirt from the exterior of your car. A good rinse works for the dirtiest car as well. Start from the top of your car and let the gravity do the rest. Use a pressure washer as it will push loose dirt away from your car.

3. Start Scrubbing

Once the loose dirt has been removed, it’s now time to start scrubbing. Bring in the bucket of warm water and add the cleaning solution into it. A good cleaning solution breaks down the most damaging and toughest dirt, including iron oxides, which would otherwise damage your car’s paint. Now, dunk the sponge or microfiber cloth in the warm bucket and start cleaning every inch of your car.

4. Rinse the Car

clean the exterior of a car

Once you complete the scrubbing job, your car should look much better in appearance. However, if there are still some stubborn dirt films, don’t get afraid. Clean the surface once again as it will help in dislodging even the worst bits leaving the exterior of your car neat and clean.

5. Clean the Windows

Washing your car can leave windows looking streaky if proper care isn’t taken. To avoid this thing, you have to use a specific window cleaning formula so that the windows look clean and shiny. You can use a bug remover to get rid of the toughest caked-on bugs or baked-on insect graveyards.

Before starting, don’t forget to remove any excess water using a towel or an absorbent cloth. Finally, spray each window and wipe it.

6. Detail

clean the exterior of a car

Finally, if you want a nice car, at this point, you can pour the bucket of water and end the process. However, if you’re going to impress the people around you by giving a shiny and glowing look to your car, consider detailing it.

You can give a brand-new look to your car by polishing the paint. This can be done by using a specialized buffer and brushes. Contrarily, you can use some polish and cloth and do it in an old-fashioned manner.

Final Words

Cleaning the exterior of your car is necessary for giving a classy and shiny look to your car. We hope the above procedure was helpful for you in cleansing the body of your vehicle. If you want to get the exterior of your car cleaned, then feel free to get in touch with us.

We provide professional car cleaning services giving a shiny and glowing look to your car. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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