Professionally done at your convenience

Motorcycle detailing

Are you looking to get your motorcycle detailed in the Greater Toronto Area? Squirrel Shine now provides motorcycle detailing services at the convenience of your own driveway.  

Motorcycle Overhaul Detail

A Comprehensive Detail
$ 149
  • Thorough Hand Wash
  • Rims & Tires Detail
  • Under Carriage Wash
  • Chrome & Metal Polishing
  • Exhaust Polishing
  • Engine Detailing
  • Console Detailing
  • Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
  • Two Layers of Premium Carnauba Wax

Paint Enhancement & Ceramic Coating

Give your motorcycle a new life.
$ 499
  • Everything from the "Overhaul Detailing" Package
  • Two Stages of Paint Enhancement
  • Three Year Ceramic Coating on all painted surfaces, mirrors, wheels, chrome & plastic surfaces.
  • Two Year Ceramic Coating on Leather Surfaces

Helmet Only

Helmets need love, too.
$ 99
  • Steam cleaning and disinfection of helmet's interior
  • Two stages of Paint Enhancement
  • Three Year Ceramic Coating on Helmet & Glass